College Library Management Software System

The Library management of college appears a very challenging task with constant addition/issue/renewal of books. A perfect solution appears in the shape of the college library management software of Awapal Solutions. The software does the librarian work in an automated manner with options like an easy book search. It further keeps complete track of book issue/ return details to easily check the status and availability of a particular book. College library management software is a Robust System Based on industry standards Intuitive, and easy to use. Scalability makes it a solution for automation of small and large college libraries. Move to automation is easy for a college with an ergonomic design further adding to the simplicity quotient and helping library staff to deliver a quicker service.

The college library management software enables a systematic approach which includes:

  • Easy options to view and manage book records.
  • Keeping track of issued/ available/renewed books.
  • Easy addition/removal of books to enable quick updation of the library.
  • Easy book search in categories.
  • Web-based system for library management ensures better connectivity with students.
  • Book loss becomes impossible with a systematic tracking procedure enabled by the software.
  • Late fee calculation for the untimely return of books.

Benefits & Advantages of College Library Management Software:

  • Supports integration with productivity tools bar-code readers, smart cards and printers.
  • Powerful search feature empowers library staff to find items quickly.
  • Handles subscriptions, circulation lists with simplicity giving control to library staff.
  • SMS/Email notification system saves time.
  • Students maintain their profile, request items, view their library subscriptions and provide feedback.
  • Comprehensive solution with complete functionality in one system.
  • Quicker library service with less dependency on manual record maintenance.
  • Scalable system suitable for small and large libraries.
  • Maintains comprehensive statistics for 24-hour operation and automated backup of records.