College Lab Management Software

For a more realistic learning experience, labs are a necessary part of any college. Colleges include multiple labs for different subjects and courses. Awapal's College Lab management software makes it possible to organize and monitor all labs present in the college effortlessly. Lab hours, equipment, student records, penalties all becomes possible with software. The software is designed to manage every lab of college in the most comprehensive manner and kept it updated to ensure proper management as well as creating a learning atmosphere. The workload of the lab in-charge and teachers is reduced with the systematic approach followed by the software that includes:

  • Setting the working hours for each laboratory separately.
  • Keeping the record of equipment present in each laboratory organized.
  • Maintaining record of student penalties due to damage/loss of equipment.
  • Easy reports of items purchased and other details.
  • Preparing lab schedules to ensure time management and make labs available for different semesters.