College Hostel Management Software System

Hostel management is crucial part of the college operations and effective system should be in place to keep it managed and make easier for students to get the hostel facility. The college hostel management software system of Awapal Solutions makes both these things possible by offering a supreme set of features. The software maintains records related to students lodging, their meals, room transfer and other hostel facilities. Students will be able to apply for hostel facility online and the software will deal with all the proceedings and check the room availability and automatically complete the procedure.

The systematic approach followed by Awapal's college management software includes:

  • Store hostel details like Boys/Girls/Staff and the location.
  • Room details, availability, shifting, assets and facilities.
  • Details of students along with room number and other details.
  • Student and visitor in/out attendance.
  • Store records related to maintenance, mess bill and hostel charges.