College Exam Result Management System Software

College Exam and result management proves challenging with the involvement of different courses/semesters. To deal with these challenges the perfect choice emerges with Awapal's College exam result management software. The software comes with features that make it easy to create subject-wise/course-wise/semester-wise exams. With result management also available in the software, it becomes easy to record and prepare results in useful patterns making it possible to track the student performance on the basis of semester, course and subjects. The software is capable of making the results available online with interactive graphical representations and report cards. Subject wise performance is also available for teachers and parents/students.

The systematic approach followed by the college exam result management software includes:

  • Creating exam schedules on the basis of Class/Course/Semester.
  • Presenting details of the exam type to Parents/Students.
  • Result declaration with explained Grading patterns.
  • Report card printing and graphical analysis facility for Parents/Students.