Canteen Management System Software

Your parents are quite satiated at the moment you live under the marquee of the school. It assures them your safety, but there is something that drives them a bit anxious. What? The food in the canteen you prefer. They always worry about the quality, doubting its nature, whether hygienic or retarded. Contemplating this in the mind, most of the schools have formed different managements, that are dedicated to different wings in the school. The same is like that of the canteen management, which takes care of the eateries in the canteen. But, this task really yield headache. How could one remember the full menu of the meal, and also the amount spend for purchase.

In order to make this easy, the schools have started opting the canteen management software. This software makes the tedious task most easy. Awapal Solutions Pvt Ltd offers the services in the canteen management software. This software helps you to make the task much easy. It manages each and every aspect of the canteen right from the brunch to the lunch.

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Features & Advantages of Awapal Canteen Management Software:

  • Multiple counters of your canteen are easy to manage with this software to provide fast service with ease.
  • Easy swapping system for transaction verification makes high-tech canteen facility available for students this is possible with the integration of smart card or thumb scanning system.
  • Maintains information of canteen facility usage by the employees and students.
  • Special rules & regulation for canteen usage are easy to set & implement with this system.
  • Bill printing facility is present on daily/weekly/monthly basis depending on your canteen usage policies.
  • It is also easy to integrate with the existing ID card System to make detail and record management easier.
  • Easy report printing is available on different basis to check the food distribution, catering, expenses etc.
  • All these features & benefits help in reducing the workload related to canteen management also bringing steadiness in the proceedings.