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To compete in this fast evolving age, use of technology is necessary to make advancements and for any business this technology is available in shape of the lead management software that enables fast tracking of processes to maximize sales opportunity and secure better business growth. Awapal Solutions has the most recent and customized solution in the shape of its lead management software, which is an essential part of the customer relationship management policy of any business organization.

While entering any organization, several queries ping your head, instantly. What steers you to the requisite location is the enquiry cell, which takes the support from the enquiry management software. This software assists in making the enquiry system more efficient in terms of the follow up. It maintains the time management by easily fetching you the requirements. It is a self automated system, which reaches to every corner to fend off any type of enquiry to pursue superior management.

This software will help in making the enquiry system of your organization more efficient with the time management and a self-automated follow-up system. Since sales conversion depends on how enquiries are being handled & followed up, having a perfect system in place boosts the sales process. Enquiry management system with Centralized details of the telephonic & online enquiry. Enquiry generation reports with Automated follow up list generation. For easy enquiry details tracking is essential part for providing the right follow-up and all details are at the fingertips with efficient tracking system in place. This System starts the follow-up process as soon as an enquiry is submitted. With support to work according to the planning of management this software of the company is truly versatile.

Possibilities that come with this software include-

  • Fast response is enabled that helps in boosting sales by turning your leads into sales with use of automation in the best possible mode.
  • Setting a priority list depending on the type of enquiry, the complete follow-up to track each activity ensuring that not even single opportunity is missed.
  • Collecting enquiries from different sources and distributing them in the right manner to maximize the chances of a sale.
  • Lead management software ensures a better conversion rate by applying the right procedures for each step.
  • Better lead distribution enables optimum performance, thus making faster response possible.
  • Pushing leads to different representatives based on the type and source of lead, automatic and manual distributions are easy to set.
  • Better monitoring is enabled by keeping records of daily interactions, securing a more result-oriented system in place for business growth.
  • Reports of each activity to analyze the performance of marketing and sales activities enables future planning for the business.
  • It enables the source management by attending to the sources of any nature like raw, potential or super potential wherein the super potential are given immense priority.
  • It assists in the follow up and further acts on the remark and the history with the reminder, which timely alerts you.
  • It automatically helps in moving the deleted data to the archives in order to avoid the chaos which in the further run can hinder the smooth flow of the work.
  • It makes the graphical report of all the enquiries to easily comprehend the source of the enquiry along with the nature and time.
  • This software gives you the privilege of the forfeit system which enables to snatch the enquiries.
  • With the assistance of this software everything can be computed on the same platform that ignores the mess and makes the information more cordial.
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Lead Qualification

From lead capture to close it has everything that you need to convert leads faster. Make smarter decisions manage and track marketing activities, campaigns across all channels to make a real impact on your sales.

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Lead distribution system

Intelligently Distribute Leads

Awapal lead distribution software takes control of lead quality Intelligent lead distribution becomes a possibility with an easy to track lead source.

Lead delivery schedules with push distribution ensure accurate distribution at the right time. With quick lead follow up prevent your leads from falling through the crack, Start distributing leads based on push distribution with priority to hot sales ready leads.

Assign leads to multiple sales representatives to make way for faster follow ups and decisions with no delay.